• "I've been getting treatment and pilates one to one for a combination of postural issues relating to an operation and accupational factors. My condition has improved hugely and we are now focussed on how to get back to sports at the level I aspire to whilst avoiding risk of future injury. The coaching style is great including many tip-bits of info outside if the paid for sessions via text and WhatsApp. I really feel I'm developing an understanding of my body and establishing a toolkit to manage it independently."

    Matthew Allenby

  • “I went to see Susana with a irritating niggly shoulder / arm pain that had developed over sometime, and not through a sudden injury. It was really beginning to affect my daily life, I was struggling with my regular yoga classes, and got to the point of not being able to sleep on my right hand side, and my neck was beginning to suffer as well. Susana was very professional, asked lots of questions and did a thorough examination, and even videoed me, so that she was able to show to me exactly what the problem was, and explain what could be done about it. She then showed me some exercises and gave me a really excellent ( if somewhat painful) neck massage. That night I was able to sleep on my side without pain. Although I know there no quick fixes, I feel I am on track for a full recovery if I do my exercises and go back for follow up appointments with Susana.”

    Amanda Ellwood

  • "I first started sessions at Clinic Equilibrium, firstly with Lindsey, then Susanna, following a complicated pregnancy and subsequent Caesarian section. Months later, I was unfit and a pre existing back condition had flared up causing me great discomfort. Lindsey & Susanna spent the time assessing my back, general strength and fitness and understanding my lifestyle. A few months on, I am now stronger, fitter and living without pain. Susanna's combination of massage therapy, tailored pilates and personalised home exercise plan has made a significant, positive impact on my life. I'm still working to get to where I want to be, but with Susanna's expertise , I believe I will get there!"

    Lynne F

  • “Had a sports massage with Lindsey which thoroughly beat me up and did the job! She was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful in talking through some knee issues I've been having and will definitely being returning soon.”

    Paul Jackson

  • “A really special trip, combining both Pilates and a taste of Morocco. Lindsey was helpful pre trip with any questions I had and both Lindsey and the group I went with were all very friendly. The Pilates classes were very professionally conducted, but fun and for my part as another APPI teacher, also useful for picking up some extra teaching ideas. Well done Lindsey, look forward to another if I can persuade the family that I’m still celebrating my 50th next year!!”

    Moira D'Arcy

  • “Lindsey demonstrated the ability common to APPI practitioners of being able to describe in words the physical sensations when muscles were being used correctly - and if one simile didn't work she would provide another.  Where she excelled was in her patience with an unfit 56 year old and an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when I was struggling to feel the right Pilates sensation.  I now use muscles I didn't know I possessed!  Lindsey motivates in a way that you do not want to let het down, but equally accepts that regular practice isn't always possible and is sympathetic rather than critical.  Really sorry she's moved away, but SW London's loss is the north west's gain.”

    Dianne B

  • "I have now had 10 Pilates sessions with Lindsey and I really look forward each week to the next one. Since starting Pilates I have seen and felt significant benefits to both my body shape and my general well-being. Lindsey is an excellent instructor with an in-depth knowledge of Pilates and the body as a whole and is so enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge.  The sessions are always relaxed and calming, but at the same time stretching and invigorating.  I feel so refreshed at the end of each one. I have learned so much about the value of correct posture and breathing and am so much more aware of my own body and the need to work from the core.I cannot recommend highly enough, both Pilates as a form of exercise and Lindsey as a trainer as I am achieving the results I am looking for."

    Bev J

  • “I have previously been a bit sceptical of Pilates but Lindsey has really opened my eyes to the benefits. I really enjoyed every session and Lindsey made it varied and interesting. Lindsey also gave a lot of individual coaching and feedback which made a huge difference to my improvement. I definitely want to continue Pilates. Thank you.”

    Anna S

  • “I have been having one to one Pilates sessions with Lindsey for over 2 months and the progress I have made has had a very positive effect on my health and kick started my road to recovery. I enjoy my one to one sessions and I always feel relaxed and comfortable. Lindsey always gives me praise and positive feedback even when I think I am not doing well! Thank you for giving me the confidence to help myself and continue to improve my health with Pilates.”

    Lindsay C

  • “My back pain got steadily worse over 2 years until I could no longer train or run, soon even sitting or lying in bed hurt. I was told I was ‘just getting old’! Lindsey took me back to basics and gradually re-educated my movement. In just a few weeks the difference was amazing. I got stronger and more flexible so quickly – Lindsey has converted me to Pilates!”

    Christine A

  • “After a few months of Pilates at Clinic Equilibrium I am not not only noticing an improvement in the specific pain I had but also in day to day movement. I no longer feel stiff after a days gardening or after a long walk. The atmosphere in the small classes is relaxed and informal and Lindsey and her team always have time to answer individual queries. I can highly recommend Pilates and Clinic Equilibrium.”

    Lucy S

  • “When I started coming to Clinic Equilibrium I had issues with my hips and knees, to the point where I struggled to kneel down or walk long distances. Three months later I’m pain free and have even started running. At first the Pilates machines looked pretty scary, but they are actually amazing and really enhance the sessions. The classes are great, they are small so the instructors really get to know your individual limitations. They push you but never beyond what you can do. It’s great being able to do a little more everytime, I was so excited the first time I touched my toes from straight legs! I couldn’t recommend enough.”

    Sam H

  • “After practicing yoga for most of my life, I was a little reticent about starting Pilates. When I got a back injury I decided to give Pilates a go. Lindsey is so thorough it's like a physio session, excellent workout and one on one personal attention. It's changed the way I practice yoga, the way I train in the gym and my general posture. Aerial Pilates is so much fun, reformer is the hardest isolation exercise you can do and the mat work is the best I've tried. Well done Lindsey and the team.”

    Lyndsey Hale

  • "I've always had problems with lower back pain due to spending most of my career in an office slumped over a computer or out and about behind a steering wheel. With the addition of flat feet and getting older it was all conspiring against me. Having thrown money at the problem, I’d tried lots of other options including physio and podiatry but nothing was helping. Pilates had been mentioned but I’d always thought of it as a bit girly and too gentle. I couldn't have been more wrong. I have private one to one sessions that I really enjoy, which certainly aren't girly and in a nice way more often than not you certainly feel it the next day. Lindsey has been fantastic, she understood me and my challenges straight away and quickly got to the nub of my problems. Building up my core, strengthening my back and legs has really got me to a good place. So whilst there’s no magic cure my challenges are certainly manageable and I've been able to go running again and take long country walks. There are lots of people out there who ‘do pilates’ – I think Lindsey is unique, having a warm personality, good sense of humour, lots of patience plus exceptional technical skills and knowledge – she’s very much on your side and only wants the best outcome for you. Highly recommended.”

    Colin D